Frequently asked questions
What services can I get from the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Film Commission ?

The Pyrenees-Atlantiques Film Commission brings you its assistance and information regarding your production needs, it has for mission to facilitate the work of crew teams and everything related to that…(Locations, sets, logistics advises before and during the filming, links with locals authorities)

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Will the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Film Commission inform me on the film projects in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques ?

In accordance with the productions, the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Film Commission insures that information on shootings will stay confidential. In most cases, productions do not wish to reveal to the public the location and dates of a shooting. The Pyrenees-Atlantiques Film Commission respects those choices.

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What is the use of the economic report ?

Whenever a film happens to be shot in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Film Commission sends a financial form to the production. We consider these information to be of a great importance, informing the local authorities on the economic consequences of the industry in our territories. We also use these documents to show our local corporations their interests to support our actions. We, by this way, expect to improve our services towards professionals and at the same time to create more and more projects and jobs, in developing new markets having an impact on local economy.

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